Aigrette Financing was incorporated on 12 May 2021, as part of the Anglian Water Group Limited and Anglian Water Services (AWS) capital restructure.​

The Anglian Water Group, whose ultimate parent company is Anglian Water Group Limited, operates a three-tier debt structure, referred to as OpCo, MidCo and HoldCo. Aigrette Financing (Issuer) PLC (AFIP) forms parts of the Aigrette Financing Limited (AFL) Group (Group headed up by AFL). The aim of this company is to raise debt and lend it to its parent company in the HoldCo part of the structure in order to maintain a certain net debt to capital ratio (net debt expressed as a percentage of Anglian Water’s regulated capital value). As such the KPI for AFIP is the related net debt to capital ratio.

Aigrette Financing prospectus

Aigrette Financing Limited accounts

Aigrette Financing (Issuer) Plc accounts


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